06 October 2016 @ 12:44 am
A Tolkien Itinerary  
Hello and welcome! I'm Morcondil and I'd like to explain myself. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

I am:
  • a 20-something student, who's re-entering the online Tolkien fandom because school made me do it. Okay not really. But I am taking a Tolkien seminar right now and it made me nostalgic for my livejournal-fanfic-fandom teenagerhood.
  • not going to take anything seriously, except when I do. I mean, I will totally poke fun at everything and write humorous slapstick fanfiction about the Valar (may or may not have done that), but I will also write at length about gender roles in Ent/Entwife relationships (have definitely done that).
  • not going to commit myself to any kind of schedule or time commitment because life is busy and the great John Ronald Reuel deserves my best.
I plan to:
  • re-read all the Tolkienish things and write about them here, since I haven't read Tolkien since my salad days. Adult(ish) Morcondil probably has new insights that 2010-era Morcondil could learn from.
  • start at the beginning—i.e. The Silmarillion. Then obviously The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and then, if the omens are favorable, everything else Arda-related.
  • watch the films! Grab the popcorn and grab the caffeine, because I've roped my best friend into watching alllllll of Peter Jackson's Middle-earth ouevre and it's going to be truly epic. Just as a warning I will absolutely be complaining about film-Faramir's character vs. book-Faramir's character; it's obligatory at this point.
  • write fanfiction again? (uncertain, to be determined, stay tuned)
However, let me make my primary objective very clear: I AM GOING TO HAVE FUN. So much fun will be had. Prepare yoselves.